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This is a group that we are proud to share the “Teen Jazz” name with – the “Teen Jazz Project” is a group of musicians in grades 9-12 in the Triple Cities area performing together.

The group gives young musicians the opportunity to meet, perform and learn to play jazz for only $5 per session.

You can hear live recordings of the group and find out more information at the Teen Jazz Project Website.

Kids Perform to Raise Cancer Awareness

It’s amazing what young musicians can do!

It is always great to see young artists in the news and so I thought I might share some interesting articles with you from the week:

1. Talented young guitarists perform in a unique Acoustic Style – an article about Will Rayan and Vincent Crow (ages 16 and 18) performing at an open mic in their percussive/acoustic style

2. Erik Ferguson – a young musician with Perfect Pitch – how this young teen has used perfect pitch as a performer and composer

3. Teen Performs at Carnegie Hall – young soprano wins a competition that lands her a performance at one of the most prestigious concert venues