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Teen Jazz features the profiles of up and coming musicians, giving them a place to network and promote their music. We’ve recently featured several great young artists on Teen Jazz including Sean Winter who has also become a contributor.

We love helping young musicians spread the word about their music. Check out some of the talented young artists on Teen Jazz:

Teen Jazz Artists


Hey everyone,

On January 8, 2013 we added the last of our archive articles back on to Teen Jazz. This is the first time that every article has been up on the site since it went through a series of redesigns, so needless to say, we are quite excited!

Since the each of the archive articles are now up, we’ll be moving towards a less frequent posting scheduling. New articles will be added twice a week rather than every other day with the exception of Teen Jazz Artists pages which will be added on an “as received” basis.

Thank you everyone for all of your support! We look forward to 2013!


Shannon Kennedy & the Teen Jazz Team

Ps. You can find a directory of all of our articles here: Music Advice and Reviews on Teen Jazz


This is a group that we are proud to share the “Teen Jazz” name with – the “Teen Jazz Project” is a group of musicians in grades 9-12 in the Triple Cities area performing together.

The group gives young musicians the opportunity to meet, perform and learn to play jazz for only $5 per session.

You can hear live recordings of the group and find out more information at the Teen Jazz Project Website.