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Happy Easter Week!

This last week we reached over 110 articles on Teen Jazz since August 2012. I’m really excited about the progress the site is making, all of the fabulous guest posts we’ve had on the site and I’m grateful to all the musicians who have taken the time to do interviews with us and share a little bit about what they do.

But now I’d like to include you even more.

I’m always looking for great ideas to include on the website, but there are so many different things to cover it’s hard to filter through all the different options.

So I’m asking for your help.

What would you like to see on Teen Jazz? What questions do you have about the music industry and what would you like to learn about?

If you don’t mind sharing some of your questions and ideas, I’d love to hear them. So feel free to reply to this email with them.

And, of course, if you are interested in contributing an article to Teen Jazz, I’d love to go over the possibility with you.

I can’t wait to read your suggestions and I appreciate all of your help and support.