As part of Teen Jazz’s 12 Deals of Christmas, I put together a little something special. Earlier in the year, I posted a template that I had created for keeping track of the album recording process and I received a few comments about it being a good idea. I also have a few other templates that I’ve put together that I thought might be useful, so I assembled them along with advice for putting together an album in this eBook.

This book is mainly for those working on their first album, but it might be useful for you even if you’re on your second, third or fourth! According to producer and recording artist, U-Nam,  “I’ve been using one of the great templates ( it’s a recording checklist ) that has been included in the book. I’m telling [you that they are] really useful and this is for everyone that doing recordings and productions…”

This is the first edition of the book, and I’d love to keep improving it, so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear what you think!

Download the Album Checklist.