Here is a really great article on ideas for blogging for musicians. If you are looking for things to write about on your band’s blog, these are five great suggestions.


So you added a blog on your website, posted a “Welcome to my blog” post and it’s been collecting dust ever since huh? Between making music, practicing, setting up gigs, promoting your music, and (possibly) sleeping, who has time to maintain a blog right? Well I’m here to tell you it’s easier than you may think. It will take a bit of time and dedication, but once you commit to it, it will be a great addition to your marketing tool belt.

Remember the goal of a blog is to drive traffic to your website. To do this you must add inviting content often, get others involved, and generate interest. Non-artist types delight in reading about the life of a musician regardless of how un-glamourous it really is. Fans want a behind-the-scenes pass to you, your band and your music.

Your blog posts don’t have to be long…

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