How to Treat Your Fans
A humorous and exaggerated article that ends with a real lesson.


The Roles of Image and Gender
In the Jazz world, image isn’t as important as it is in many of the other music industries, but appearance still plays an important role in the shape of your career.Having “been” in the jazz industry and working with or knowing other musicians who have been in it longer or have performed in other music genres, I have concluded that image is very significant – even if it is not in an obvious way.

Being Female in the Music Industry is an Art in Itself
I have found that being female in the music industry is an art in itself – it takes both mastery of playing your instrument and of using your femininity.A lot of biases come along with the female gender. It is assumed automatically that a female will not or cannot be as good as a guy because of reasons such as: not being aggressive enough, it is just a “guy” thing, etc. These pre-generated opinions can make it really hard for someone to take you seriously as a musician. This can be very discouraging, making the reason you have to work hard to get good even more essential so you can prove them wrong.

Dating in Your Industry
There are many pros and cons to dating in your industry. Here in this article, I attempt to illustrate both perspectives.

Do’s and Do Not’s of a Female Musician

How to Handle Being Left Out
Quite often, in the music industry (and even in school bands), you will find that there will be times where you will be excluded, passed up on a job opportunity, or not included. How you handle these situations, will help you maintain a healthy career and positive outlook, or the exact opposite if handled poorly.

College Audition Preparation for Saxophonists
This is a guest post from James Barrera

College Auditions and Applications
When senior year in high school rolls around, you usually have a good idea of what you want to do after school. Having already been through this process myself, I feel that it would be beneficial to share it with other people who may be going through the stress of the same process. The most important thing about college applications and auditions is to do everything as early and soon as possible. Submit your applications and audition materials the first possible day, the sooner you apply, the more likely there is to be money you can receive as a scholarship. It is the same with auditions. Sign up for the earliest auditions; schools usually hand out money as things happen, so there is more in the beginning than there is at the end. If you audition the last day, it is a 99% chance that there will be no scholarship money left and maybe not even space in the program because they already filled all the slots.

Ensemble Playing Tips
Some quick tips for performing with others

Festival Preparation
Festivals offer a wide variety of resources to the young musician if they are willing to take advantage of what is available to them. The most obvious thing about festivals is the opportunity to network with all the other students who are performing. The hundreds of other kids walking around are great to make connections with and begin establishing yourself with other future musicians. It also provides you with other young musicians to listen to – to find out the different levels of musicianship and where you place with your peers as far as ability.

5 Easy Steps to Beginning Improvisation
Here are a few short steps to learn how to improvise.

Why You Should be Attending Jam Sessions
The importance of jam sessions can not be emphasized enough! It is vital to attend, have gone to, held one of your own, thought about going to, etc. a jam session. Sit-ins or jam sessions truly give you a taste of what working professionally as a musician entails, they are essential to the development of your skills as a working musician.

Things Woodwind Players Need to Know About Playing in a Musical
Learn about performing in a musical as a woodwind player.

“Must Knows” for the Advanced Saxophonist
Things every beginning saxophonist should know.

“Must Knows” for the Beginning Saxophonist
Things every saxophonist should know.

Saxophone Mouthpiece Buying Tips
Tips for buying a new saxophone mouthpiece.

Saxophone Playing Tips and Practice Advice
Tips on articulation and style, practice habits, saxophone care and more.