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U-Nam launches his George Benson Tribute project with ‘Give Me the Night’ feat. Tim TiO Owens

The first single from ‘Weekend in L.A.’ U-Nam & Friends released

Los Angeles, CA – May 23, 2011 Give Me the Night’ featuring Tim ‘TiO Owens’ is the first single from U-Nam’s highly anticipated album, ‘Weekend in LA’. Produced by U-Nam, neo-soul, R&B, and jazz influenced ‘Give Me the Night’ (written by the composer of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Rod Temperton) reveals a taste of what’s to come with the new album featuring the talented vocals of TiO in a rich and contemporary arrangement of the GB classic, accompanied the trademark styling of U-Nam’s guitar. The new single is now available on iTunes and most online distributors such as Rhapsody, Amazon, and CDBaby.

For the 1st Time, a Tribute to the Living Jazz and R&B Legend: George Benson

Highly acclaimed French guitarist U-Nam (#1 Hit on the Billboard Charts in 2007) has taken on the ambitious project of creating a George Benson Tribute, acknowledged as no small task by those familiar with the Legend’s music. But according to GB himself, U-Nam is surely qualified for this undertaking. “The man known as U-Nam, is destined to become one of the most controversial musicians. It’s great to have a new voice on the guitar scene; one that is loaded with energy and excitement.”—-Ten time Grammy Award recipient, NAE Jazz Master and guitar legend—- George Benson

The song features vocalist Tim Owens, also known as TiO, an international talent known for his work with K-Ci and JoJo (1997-2003) and with the popular LA group, The Polyester Players, and TiO’s performance is only a small sample of the talent to be showcased on this album. The album includes a MEGA-ALLSTAR line up of artists and musicians including but not limited to George Duke, Phil Perry, Ronnie Foster (the original keyboardist on George Benson’s ‘Weekend in L.A.’ and ‘Breezin’ albums), Patrice Rushen, Tim Owens, Mike White, Matt Rohde, Bireli Lagrene,Jeff Lacey, Franck Sitbon, Denis Benarrosh, Darryl Williams, Andreas Oberg,  and many more artists will be revealed later—there are many surprises to be expected!

In many ways, this album has been groundbreaking – in the era of ‘indie artists,’ those like U-Nam have found exciting ways to create music independent of record labels and with more involvement with their audience. Through PledgeMusic, U-Nam offered fans the opportunity to become involved with the project by ‘pre-ordering’ the album and other exciting incentives while providing participants with exclusive updates and information regarding the artist and the project. There are still several days left to be a part of this project and to ‘preorder’ the album, visit:

The full album is due out Fall 2011 and will highlight inventive and imaginative new versions of popular George Benson hits. With its release, U-Nam will launch a tour of the album throughout the US and more as further dates materialize.

Over the next few months, U-Nam will be releasing singles from the album until the completion of the project. Look for ‘Give Me the Night’ and a soon to be released EP with remixes of the song on iTunes, CDBaby and more.

As said and recorded by Jeff Lacey, “GB’s the King, U-Nam’s the Prince.”

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